Wednesday, July 19, 2017



My wife as a kid: 


My youngest when she was little!

Ghost Tour

Me & Son


Up to Lesson 41 of 44 in my Jazz Guitar Improvisation course. This is really great stuff, but there's so much to learn and not get mixed up! Learned about the dominant chord and how to use a color tones during this chord in a major or minor 2-5-1 progression.

Interesting how things get integrated in my music learning. The dominant colors were involved in the Sudnow Method for piano. I'm not sure that this lesson for guitar would have been so clear if I hadn't first learned this stuff in the Sudnow Method.

Interesting relating these dominant colors to a guitar chord shape, also.

Monday, July 17, 2017


A really good practice today. Learning good stuff in my course; glad I'm still doing if. Lots of material there! I've been listening a lot to Charlie Christian, also.

What's interesting is that I'm finding that fun actually occurs when I just get into the groove of learning things at my own pace and for no particular reason except that I enjoy it! Like if I don't see it as a chore, work, a competition, or with any end goal in sight- just getting interested in it was really interesting tonight. Things seemed to click from an organizational level: figuring out what I need to prioritize, and putting that material in order in its binder. And of course, working on it. It just seemed to click in a good was tonight.

When this course is "officially" over, there will still be material in the course to work on. Just thinking that it after it's over, it might be cool to somehow work on: 
1) Continuing to review the material learned 
2) Continue to learn new material from it that I didn't get to
3) Work on chord melody
4) Work on Charlie Christian material that I have
5) Learn to read music in positions other than the first position.

I know that's a lot above, and I'm just kind of brainstorming what would be fun to learn as well as what would be possibly less fun but beneficial (reading music).

I'll miss the current course when it's over. It somehow doesn't feek like I'm a lone soldier out there when there is a teacher on line (even if I'm not receiving private lessons from him).


Practice Practice Practice Practice 
Apply what is practiced Apply what is practiced

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Me, dad, and my brother today:


Me (with beard) and my brother at my first wedding in 1989:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jazz Guitar

Considering my recent temptations to quit the guitar course, I had an interesting practice day on the guitar. Learning stuff in the course that has to do with minor sounds. It seemed to work today. The prospect of getting into jazz guitar stuff was rekindled today. 
I really want to finish the course. It's almost done, and I think I just might finish it. I sure will not have internalized or even tried to learn everything the course offers by the time it concludes, but the material in there can still be learned later on after its conclusion. There's a lot there!
My goal is to just finish the course and do what I can to get through it. 
Found an old book about how to play piano using a fakebook and it does not seem very intimidating so I might get into it a bit.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mele Kalikimaka

Playing "Christmas in July" at a community for older folks next week, and I had a good time practicing the song "Mele Kalikimaka" tonight.
Musically, I am all over the place again. Feeling like quitting the jazz improvisation course. Feeling like just doing what I do on guitar and teaching myself pop piano. Frustrating to not have a focus.
Too concerned about what others think of the quality of my playing. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Don't feel like practicing. I'm never going to be s great guitar player or piano player. It's not fun, at least not today. It's upsetting when I think that my playing isn't being liked. But that shouldn't matter so much, I know. 
Listening to The Who's "Quadrophenia." Now that is really some cool art. And what am I doing at age 55? Can't even remember a couple of scales.
Well that's not fair. My professional life has mostly been devoted to my career and not to music, so to say I'm never going to be musically great isn't really painting a complete picture of my professional life. 
It has to be fun, and it doesn't quite feel like fun today.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Guitar

                       Big Guitar Practice Day

Trying to consolidate some material from the improvisation course. Tried:

• Two 2-5-1 Major Licks
• Two Static Major Licks
• The Blues Scale in one position
• (New) A Static Minor Lick
• Some Blues Licks 

I am behind! There's more to memorize!

Starting to think differently about soloing. Learning that perhaps if I learn some of Charlie Christian's  licks (since I like his swing style so much) I can incorporate them in my playing by not being so rigid about when they need to be played. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Progress, NOT perfection."

"Progress, NOT perfection."